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Greensboro NC Train StationFrom Quakers and Railroad stops to textiles and the Civil Rights Movement, Greensboro has had a rich and varied history. Greensboro saw immense periods of growth following the Revolutionary War and even through the Great Depression. Hydrocut Land Clearing has been proud to work on a variety of projects in the more recent years of Greensboro and Guilford County’s development.

Hydrocut is an industry leader in forestry mulching, land clearing, brush cutting, and full-scale land management. We have been serving residents of Greensboro and beyond for nearly 30 years and are honored to continue to do so.

From our headquarters in Clayton, NC, Hydrocut helps a variety of commercial and residential developers, government agencies, contractors, utility companies, and communities in Greensboro city and Guilford County, as well as nearby areas.

If you have a land clearing or forestry mulching project that you would like to undertake in Greensboro, please contact Hydrocut Land Clearing to see if we can be of service today!