Tigercat 726EWhen it comes to clearing land for residential,  commercial, community, government or recreational uses, Mark Lee and his team at ML Hydrocut have the experience and equipment to meet and exceed expectations.

With our team of qualified operators and fleet of equipment, we can assist businesses, municipalities, governments, contractors, developers, large parcel property owners and more in a variety of projects.

Some areas we excel in are commercial clearing, mulching & mowing, clearing or thinning for subdivisions, neighborhood communities and developments, clearing fall lines, underbrush clearing and cutting boring paths, roadway center lines, lines for wetlands & environmentally sensitive areas, power line & utility right-of-ways and much more.

If you need services in any of these areas, or have any questions about the ways we may be of service anywhere in the Carolinas or Virginia, please reach out to us.  You can fill out our contact form to the right, send an email to, or give us a call at 919-553-5473.